Jen Mussari


Threadless Artist Shops

Jen Mussari

Fun collaboration announcement! I'm a featured artist on Threadless, the super-cool tee shirt company's, "Artist Shops" page! This is a new chapter for the Threadless website and I am hugely honored that Jake Nickell asked me to be a part of this. I have loved Threadless since I was in high school, and it feels quite a bit like a teenage dream to have made some work for and with them. The newly released Artist Shops are fully-customizable personal pages that allow sellers to present their tee shirts, device cases, wall art, etc, to the world without being attached to the Threadless brand. Behind the scenes, however, Threadless will take care of everything for the artists: manufacturing, shipping, and commerce. This collaboration was a no-brainer for me, as I have been looking for more accessible ways to get my work out into the world.

My Artist Shops page features some brand new tee shirt designs, including Cats Rule Everything Around Me (art directed by the lovely and charming Kilian McMahon), Skull Guy, and (my personal favorite) Slice of Life.

Jake then asked me to collaborate directly with him to create a logo for the new feature. We had a great creative process with lots of diverse sketches, and ended up with the textured, lively word mark you can see on the Artist Shops page

I had a great time working with Threadless on this and I hope that you enjoy it, too! Get yourself a wacky tee shirt or grab a domain name and get started, yourself. Excited to see what you do!