Jen Mussari


The Selvedge Yard X Jen Mussari

Jen Mussari

I'm so happy to share my latest collaboration with you! I had so much fun creating artwork with JP from The Selvedge Yard for a new tee shirt design. The Selvedge Yard is such an interesting blog to me because JP manages to bridge the gap between old and new effortlessly, taking the most inspiring images from decades past and seamlessly adding them into modern stories. On top of curating amazing images and words, JP has created a much sought-after run of handmade denim, owns one of the coolest custom Triumph builds I have ever seen, and is a super nice dude. 

JP had a vision to make an homage to a classic photo from motorcycling history. In 1965 TIME magazine photographer Bill Ray ran with the Hells Angels and created a photographic document of what life was like out on the road in California. The body of work shows a group of men who embody freedom and recklessness.

In motorcycling culture, there is a phrase often represented as "FTW," emblazoned on motorcycle club jackets to say "Fuck The World." JP's goal was to take the iconic phrase and turn it on its head, to create a positive message with a nod to history. Thus, "Fare Thee Well" became the phrase for this graphic. The spin on this phrase is meant to convey a spirit of unity and positivity amongst motorcyclists instead of perpetuating the image of bikers as outlaws, bad guys, and rebels. 

On top of being an awesome guy, JP is from a town very close to where I grew up in Pennsylvania, so I feel a little bit of a biased kindredness because of that. The shirts were also hand-printed by a local screenprint shop in Philadelphia, Awesome Dudes Printing, so there's alot of hometown pride here. 

Check out The Selvedge Yard Shop to get your tee and support your local cool-guy!