Jen Mussari


The Miss-Fires

Jen Mussari

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Kim "Kenneysawesome" while admiring her cute Honda scrambler at a cookout at Union Garage. I was totally amazed by her awesomeness and friendliness, and we immediately started following each other on Instagram. Months later I got an email from her asking if I would be interested in creating the identity for her local motorcycle club. Before I even knew any details about this club I was ready to start on this project!

She told me that I'd be designing for The Miss-Fires, an all-woman motorcycle and car club based here in Brooklyn, made up of around 70 members (and growing). I told her that she and her fellow members are, in fact, my dream clients.

She and six other members came by my studio to get the process started. I basically stood at the door as they all piled in, each one hugging me (a stranger they've never met) and greeting me with so much friendliness. I knew right away that these ladies were not only super nice, but unique in their own ways and bike preferences! This identity would need to encompass their personality as a group (kind and cool) but also have to be vague enough to represent riders of all different styles (classic Hondas, BSAs, scramblers, modern classics, modern sport, Harleys, as well as classic cars). 

They were a great client in that they had a very good idea of what they wanted, were able to work as a group to make editing decisions, and they respected my input. Design by committee is hard for both client and designer, and we managed to have a ton of fun making this a reality.

Check out the full identity below! And if you see a gang of women riding around Brooklyn, give them a wave...they'll wave back.