Jen Mussari



Jen Mussari
Photo by Jorge  Quinteros

Photo by Jorge Quinteros

The Great Discontent has a podcast! It's two of my favorite things combined, TGD and podcasts. I was over-the-moon when Tina Essmaker asked me to take part in the inaugural episode, alongside my design hero Chip Kidd. Excited, but also totally nervous! Interviews can be fun but never know what will happen! And I like to be prepared. As expected, Chip was totally delightful and I had a great time with him. I even got to tell him a story about how a piece of his work effected me as a young weirdo. Listen in here!

This series of interview events take place live at the Wythe hotel in Brooklyn, New York, and then the audio from the live event is available online. I'm so excited to listen to the whole series; make sure to subscribe on iTunes to get the latest episodes!