Jen Mussari


I'm Joining Ghostly Ferns!

Jen Mussari

I'm going to go rattle my chains with the folks at Ghostly Ferns starting RIGHT NOW! "What's a Ghostly Fern?" you might be asking? It's ok if you don't know. Ghostly Ferns is one of my favorite companies here in Brooklyn, started by Meg Lewis. Also included in this spooky family is Laura Bohill, Brad Evans, Joe Bilt, Mike Fennen, and other friends. 

I'll be lending my lettering hands, fine art skills, and magical client charming powers to the already talented team.  

Ghostly Ferns is amazing because it is more of a freelancer's collective than a traditional design firm. The business model is actually slightly similar to illustration agency but without the agent. Clients might come to Ghostly Ferns to look for a real sharp new identity. What they'll get is a much-loved project that is the result of collaboration between the members of Ghostly Ferns. Each member specializes in their own talents, allowing for each person to really hone their unique voice. It also will extend my own skills. Now that I am partnering up with Ghostly Ferns, I can offer services such as web design (thanks to Meg and Brad!) and development (thanks to Joe and Mike!) or icon design (thanks to Laura!) along with my own hand lettering and fine art textures! 

I'm jumping out of my seat with excitement to get started on projects with Ghostly Ferns. Have an idea you want to make a reality? Now's a great time to let us know. Let's get spooky!


There are other big changes for me on the horizon including lots of new work, a studio move, and a speaking engagement or two! Hit me up on Twitter if you would like to say hello!