Jen Mussari


Enormous Tiny Art Show

Jen Mussari

The Enormous Tiny Art Show opens tonight at the Nahcotta gallery in New Hampshire and for the first time ever I have artwork on display there! I have been a fan of the "ETA" for years now and am so honored that I was asked to participate. Each artist involved creates a series of small original artworks that are smaller than 10." At the opening, each piece is put up for sale to the public. There are so many amazing artists involved in this show that I really respect, so be sure to check out the works of Yelena Bryksenkova, Kate Bingaman-Burt, and Becca Stadtlander to start!

You can jump the gun and purchase pieces online. Since the art is so small, the prices are also small. If you would like to see or possibly purchase the pieces that I have for sale, get over to this site asap! They are priced to sell, so I am hopeful that they will.

The series that I created are tiny studies of leather jackets in sumi ink on rag paper mounted to wood panel. I've been completely obsessed with leather jackets in every way and I hope that it shows in the look and feel of these miniature pieces.