Jen Mussari


Happy Monday

Jen Mussari

This year I am going forth and grabbing every opportunity that comes my way, even if deep down I'm slightly terrified. So when Sarah Parmenter and Josh Long asked me to have a recorded conversation with them that would then be posted on their highly popular podcast site, Happy Monday, I said "YES!" and then tried to repress my terror. 

See, I'm the kind of person that, when a client says "let's hop on a call!" in an email I have heart palpitations and try to find a nice way to say "can we not?". Like most people, I have a nervous breakdown when hearing the sound of my own voice (that's most people, right?). I keep Skype closed and I think I've used Facetime accident, and I promptly panicked and closed the app. 

So the idea of lots of people that I respect tuning in and listening to me talk about my life and my work was definitely harrowing. Sarah talked me through the recording situation on Twitter. I had unearthed an old headset, made multiple test recordings to confirm that I only sound a bit like a doofus, put on some makeup (for a phone call), and was ready. Sarah called and Josh soon after. My heart was beating super fast. But listening to them talk to each other was like hearing whale songs in a massage room. They sure know how to make a nervous illustrator feel comfortable with her own neurosis. We had a lovely chat; before I knew it 25 minutes was up and we were signing off. I fumbled a bit here and there, but I was really excited for the world to hear it.

That Monday, the podcast launched. I got some wonderful feedback and really kind shoutouts from people who listened in. Above all else, I felt like I could do this again. Even if hearing my own voice still weirds me out.

Give it a listen here!