Jen Mussari



Jen Mussari

I've been forgetting one of my rules lately. While it's been liberating, I have completely forgotten to go back through old work and look for clues. The process was once a ritual for me that I made sure to keep; every six to nine months I would spend hours rearranging newsprint pads, leafing through folders and sketchbooks, or digging through old files. The less relevant whatever I found to my current work, the better.

Lately, my life has been a shotgun series of projects, new people, colds and sicknesses, getting there, doing that, and finishing this. While I have absolutely been thriving in this environment, I've forgotten the subtle language of learning from "past me." There's something in this drawing that reminds me that I am a draftsperson, of that time that I signed my name "J. MUSSARI" because I hated my first name, and of what the Winter of 2007 felt like. This drawing is also exactly the opposite of what I am working on now, and for that reason it's causing me some serious nostalgia. 

I suddenly miss working in graphite.