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Jen Mussari
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Damian came by the studio last week to show his new service, Hunie. It's still in Beta, but you can request an invite. Hunie's goal is to create a community of designers giving constructive, and very specific feedback on works in progress. I love the site design and the emphasis on large images. Find me there!

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It was awesome to talk to Damian about the kind of support system you develop when someone grows as a creative on the internet. We had both started out on DeviantArt (I'm over being embarrassed by this and totally owning it. In fact, here is a link so you can find some horrifyingly old work). He had actually worked on DeviantArt while I was frequenting the site in my teenage years. When I was a regular there, I made some amazing friendships and connections. Some have lasted, actually! My internet friend Jonathan Kennedy of 8+ years and I finally met when he visited me in NYC from Newfoundland. In a sea of awful furry art and blurry self portraits, I found a small group of around 20 people who regularly commented on new work, and pushed each other to become better. I can honestly say that the community I found on DeviantArt pushed me to be a growing artist, and made me realize my path. I went to art school with a strong portfolio thanks to that community.

I'm hopeful that Hunie can replace what I've lost in not frequenting DeviantArt. With some tweaks and changes I could see it happening. Find me on Hunie and we'll see how it rolls!