Jen Mussari


I Will Always Love You, Brooklyn Beta

Jen Mussari

On the second day of Brooklyn Beta, I climbed the stairs of the Invisible Dog for the hundreth time on a mission that I promptly forgot when I saw Chris Shiflett and Nate Bolt having a discussion over the drawing table. The drawing table had been set up with crayons, sharpies, chalk, and plenty of brown butcher's paper for anyone and everyone to scribble all over. Nate was hesitantly picking up a colored pencil when I heard Chris say "why don't we get Jen to do it, she's real good at drawing" and I hopped over to the conversation. See, Nate was using his drone, his iPhone, and his connections at the NYPL to shoot a video for Chris. The last thing they needed was a poster that said "Thank You."

Oh, and they needed it in five minutes. 

Chris shot this stop motion video of me at work (I'm pleased to announce that I did, in fact, make the five-minute deadline) using my fastest and most reliable tool, a basic brush pen by Tombow. 

Along with the finished drawing I leant Nate a giant wooden "B" that I had gold leafed earlier in the day. I met up with Nate later on in the night to get back my gold "B" and he showed me what he had done. 

When Chris and Cameron screened the final product in front of 1300 people at the final event of Brooklyn Beta, I couldn't stop laughing and smiling. I would do anything for the amazing people that I have met through this conference and I am completely honored to be a part of it. In the words of Nate Bolt, thanks for letting me get *pretty* weird with you guys.