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If I Stay

Jen Mussari

My favorite kind of job to work on are the rare ones which feel like a true collaboration; multiple people of different professions from different companies bringing their best to the table to create something really unique. I'm so happy to announce this collaboration with Tattly, whom I have collaborated with in the past, and Warner Brothers.

For the premier of the much-anticipated-by-teenagers movie, If I Stay, we created three designs based on the film. Fans who made it out to the premier events, which happened in multiple cities across the US, were greeted with the temporary tattoos, swag from other sponsors, and appearances by the cast. Check out the film below to get a feel for what it was like at the NYC premier event! 

If you didn't get out to the movie premier but still want to adorn yourself with these designs, get yourself over to Tattly! Orders through the end of the month will include these designs as extra freebies. Slap 'em on and go cry your eyes out in the movie theatre! 

New Tattly design!

Jen Mussari

You can join in on my ornithological obsession with the release of my latest Tattly design, this deceptively temporary hawk feather! Hawks have always inspired in me a certain fierceness and ruthless freedom. Let this sharp, pointed feather direct you to your destiny. Or, you know, wear it because it looks cool!

I've been lucky enough to have worked with Tattly before and this feather is the second in a series. Keep your eyes posted for yet another design later this year! 

Pencil vs. Mussari

Jen Mussari

Last week I had a great conversation with Cesar Contreras for his podcast series, Pencil vs. Pixel. I've loved watching these interviews in the past and was instantly excited when he asked me to chat. I was super nervous as this is only my second podcast that I've been on. But Cesar was such an awesome, relaxing host and we really got to talking about some interesting issues freelancers face.

Watch me get overly excited and overgesticulate, see if you can spot my best derp faces, listen to me talk about hand-lettering as a passion vs. a trend, and there are multiple cat spottings!

As a special treat for you Winston-lovers out there, here is a picture of him sitting like a human:

Fresh Pot

Jen Mussari

My friends at the Cotton Bureau are brewing up a fresh batch of my Death Before Decaf tee shirt! Get it while it's hot, because there is less than a week to put your order in. 

Place your order while you can, or else you might end up as angry as Dave Grohl when there isn't a fresh pot of coffee on. 


Look, Ma, I'm on TV!

Jen Mussari

So, you know how Squarespace has been owning that web tableau style lately? A series of anonymous hands hold a device and show off the capabilities of example websites built with Squarespace. They've made TV ads, subway ads, and web pages in this style all with gorgeous results.

Well, my Squarespace buddies contacted me earlier in the year and told me that they wanted to bring some reality into the equation. With their newest campaign they seek to show off the actual websites of real designers, artists, bloggers, musicians, startups, and other small businesses. They wanted me to be a part of it, and have my shiny new website be a part of the campaign.

Oh, hey, would you look at that?! The new homepage sure looks pretty fresh! 

Oh, hey, would you look at that?! The new homepage sure looks pretty fresh! 

This is a huge honor for me and I couldn't be more excited (and humbled) to know that a big-and-successful company like SQSP would want to shine a little bit of their massive spotlight on me. Knowing that I, somehow, represent a bit of the spirit that they're trying to convey is major!

I had a blast being a part of this campaign and cannot wait to see it in the wild. If you happen to visit the Squarespace homepage, you'll see me front and center. Check out the 30 second TV spot above, and keep your eyes out for it on cable! If you are in NYC, you may also see it in the backs of cabs. If you do, send me a mental high five!