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Jen Mussari
Photo by Jorge  Quinteros

Photo by Jorge Quinteros

The Great Discontent has a podcast! It's two of my favorite things combined, TGD and podcasts. I was over-the-moon when Tina Essmaker asked me to take part in the inaugural episode, alongside my design hero Chip Kidd. Excited, but also totally nervous! Interviews can be fun but never know what will happen! And I like to be prepared. As expected, Chip was totally delightful and I had a great time with him. I even got to tell him a story about how a piece of his work effected me as a young weirdo. Listen in here!

This series of interview events take place live at the Wythe hotel in Brooklyn, New York, and then the audio from the live event is available online. I'm so excited to listen to the whole series; make sure to subscribe on iTunes to get the latest episodes!

Dove - Pillar Point

Jen Mussari

This Winter, friend and filmmaker Jacob Krupnick asked me to contribute some lettering for his latest music video project. I've been a fan of his work as Wild Combination for years now, and had been looking for any chance to collaborate with him. I had been particularly struck by his work for the previous Pillar Point song, "Dreamin'." So when the opportunity arose to be involved in any way with what I knew would be another awesome video for Pillar Point, I grabbed it, even though the deadline was tight. 

We wanted to create something that felt right, since the video has so much style. Particularly, I tried to pull inspiration from the movements of badass vogue dancer Kia Labeija. The style I fell into has lots of edge and even more energy. Marrying the finished lettering, music, and video felt very natural and it's been a joy to see it in the world. Watch the full video here.

Slice of Life

Jen Mussari


You can celebrate with whatever kind of pizza you like! I won't judge. I had a gluten free vegan pizza once and I didn't hate it! My personal favorite pizza tends to have lots and lots of gluten and dairy products, but I want to try and be inclusive here. Food allergies suck but it's a good thing pizza is versatile. So here's what you do: I'd suggest grabbing a bunch of pizzas for all walks of life and have yourself a pizza party. Throw a pineapple pizza in there, just to see what happens.

AND BOY DO I HAVE THE PIZZA PARTY FAVORS FOR YOU. It's this ridiculous new Tattly thing I designed! Your pizza party guests will be totally stoked to get a sweet neck tattoo celebrating their favorite sliced delectable.  

Oh, what's that? Your pizza party has a total bummer of a soundtrack and all your pizza friends aren't on the dance floor??? Let me introduce you to your new favorite band: Personal and the Pizzas are three weirdos/my soulmates from New Jersey who sound like if the Ramones were still kickin' it but only ever wrote songs about pizza. You're welcome.

Other notable pizza party jams include "Pizza Day" by The Aquabats and "None of Your Business" by Salt N' Pepa, which isn't necessarily a song about pizza but totally should be on your playlist regardless because it's an awesome track.

So let's do it this summer, everyone, and then on and on into eternity. Perpetual pizza party. Let's celebrate the simple things that make life savory.

Interview with The Start Podcast

Jen Mussari
Look at me lookin' all pensive. Thinking thoughts. Or probably just staring at nothing.

Look at me lookin' all pensive. Thinking thoughts. Or probably just staring at nothing.

Cookie-baking buddy and neighborhood pal Patrick B Johnson graciously invited me to an interview on his podcast, The Start. I've been trying to get better at communicating my thoughts and ideas verbally lately, so while I am still a little nervous about interviews in general, I was excited to chat with my friend for this episode. Listen in here!

The Start is all about how people got to where they are now. I love this podcast because often the interviews are very much about personal lives and stories rather than business. I got to take this opportunity to share a little bit about how my upbringing, art school, and my crummy retail job helped to shape my current situation as a freelancer. Also, hear my weird mumbly Philadelphian accent and my Hank Hill impression! Not my best. I save that for parties. I talk through what is was like to be a weird art kid surrounded by football players in high school, and how I came to realize that there is a place in the professional art/design world for me. You'll also hear a bit about my first freelance gig, having a part time job, and generally being in this weird new generation of hand lettering artists and illustrators.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and feelings on Twitter, if you have any insights or reactions while listening! 

Threadless Artist Shops

Jen Mussari

Fun collaboration announcement! I'm a featured artist on Threadless, the super-cool tee shirt company's, "Artist Shops" page! This is a new chapter for the Threadless website and I am hugely honored that Jake Nickell asked me to be a part of this. I have loved Threadless since I was in high school, and it feels quite a bit like a teenage dream to have made some work for and with them. The newly released Artist Shops are fully-customizable personal pages that allow sellers to present their tee shirts, device cases, wall art, etc, to the world without being attached to the Threadless brand. Behind the scenes, however, Threadless will take care of everything for the artists: manufacturing, shipping, and commerce. This collaboration was a no-brainer for me, as I have been looking for more accessible ways to get my work out into the world.

My Artist Shops page features some brand new tee shirt designs, including Cats Rule Everything Around Me (art directed by the lovely and charming Kilian McMahon), Skull Guy, and (my personal favorite) Slice of Life.

Jake then asked me to collaborate directly with him to create a logo for the new feature. We had a great creative process with lots of diverse sketches, and ended up with the textured, lively word mark you can see on the Artist Shops page

I had a great time working with Threadless on this and I hope that you enjoy it, too! Get yourself a wacky tee shirt or grab a domain name and get started, yourself. Excited to see what you do!